Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Recruitment Opportunities at the APS March and April Meetings

Hi DCOMPers,

For those of you who do not follow news from Crystal Bailey (Education and Careers Program Manager of APS), there are some opportunities for recruitment at the upcoming APS meetings.

At the March Meeting in Boston, there will be a limited number of tables in the Graduate School Fair, for representatives from departments to meet with students, to talk about graduate research opportunities. 
There will be a reception for students on Tuesday, February 28 with more time to interact with graduate students. The deadline for the event is January 27 (one week from today).  For more information, and to register your department for this event, please visit:

Secondly,  for the April Meeting in Atlanta, the APS is now accepting applications for Future of Physics Days (FPD) travel awards, for undergraduates presenting the April meeting.  Support is available at the $200 and $1000 levels.  For more information about the award—including a link to the application form—visit:

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