Monday, February 25, 2013

March Meeting DCOMP Sessions - Don't Miss Out

Dear DCOMPers,

There are a lot of interesting sessions sponsored by DCOMP during the March meeting.   We have listed the invited sessions and their rooms below, click here to get the full list of DCOMP sessions.  See you soon at the DCOMP Business Meeting  S26  Room: 328, Wednesday March 20 at 5:45PM.

For a complete list of DCOMP events during the March Meeting See

Monday at 8:00AM in Room 309: 
A10 Invited Session: Hard and Soft Materials Modeling, Simulations and Big Data   

Invited Speakers:  Roberto Car,  William Goddard, Gary Grest,  Rajiv Kalia,  Efthimios Kaxiras 

Monday at 2:30PM in Room 308: 

Invited Speakers:  James Chelikowsky,  David Bowler,  Per Hyldgaard,  Neepa Maitra,  Alexandre Tkatchenko 

Tuesday at 11:15AM in Room 310: 
Invited Speakers:  Gang Lu,  Derek Warner,  Vincent Tan,  Xiantao Li, Vikram Gavini 

Tuesday at 2:30PM  in Room 308: 
J9 Invited Session: Computational Physics at the Bleeding Edge: To Exascale and Beyond 
Invited Speakers:  Thomas C. Schulthess, Robert Harrison,  David Yllanes,  James Glosli,  Ron Dror  

Wednesday at 11:15AM in Room 308: 
Invited Speakers:  E.K.U. Gross,  Dario Rocca,  Johannes Lischner,  Thomas Devereaux,  Marco Bernardi 

Thursday at 11:15AM in Ballroom III: 
Invited Speakers:  Vincenzo Lordi,  Daniel Aberg,  Charles Henager, Jr.,  A. Canning,  Koushik Biswas 

Friday at 8AM in Ballroom III: 

Invited Speakers:  Amir Yacoby,  Kun Yang, Dieter Weiss,  Zlatko Papic,  Tayfun Gokmen